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Published: December 27, 2010

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SAUDIBRIT Daily News – Excerpts from International Media Reports
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12.27.2010 EDITION

Obama Extends Well Wishes To Saudi King: WALL STREET JOURNAL

Associated Press | 12/26/10

“President Barack Obama called Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah on Sunday to wish him well as he recovers from two recent back surgeries…. The White House says the king congratulated Obama on the Senate’s recent ratification of the New START treaty with Russia.”

Saudi Identify Slain Man As Al-Qaida Operative: WASHINGTON POST


“A man killed in a shootout with Saudi police last week has been identified as al-Qaida operative.”

Saudi To Keep Dollar Peg In 2011: EMIRATES 24|7

Nadim Kawach | 12/27/10

“Saudi Arabia is set to keep its currency the riyal pegged to the US dollar as it is expected to remain on the same track as in 2010 while inflation will remain relatively high, a key investment centre in the Gulf Kingdom said on Monday.”

Saudi Arabia To Open Road Link With Oman In 2012: ARABIAN BUSINESS

Ed Attwood | 12/27/10

“Saudi Arabia has completed 89 percent of its first road link with Oman, according to the kingdom’s transport minister.”

Saudi Eyes Other Gulf States For Teaching Jobs: EMIRATES 24|7


“Saudi Arabia is urging its graduates seeking teaching jobs to head for neighbouring Gulf countries, saying it can no longer accommodate them…”

Saudi Electricity’s Clients to Increase to 7.9 Million by the End of 2016: BLOOMBERG

Zahraa Alkhalisi and Mourad Haroutunian | 12/27/10

“Saudi Electricity Co., a state- controlled utility, expects to have a customer base of 7.9 million by the end of 2016 as it seeks to meet rising demand for power in the Persian Gulf’s largest Arab country by population.”

Over 200 Firms Take Part In Jeddah Car Show: ARAB NEWS

Roger Harrison | 12/26/10

“Familiar names at the show include Nissan, Honda Hyundai and Kia with major distributors in the Kingdom adding to the mix. Significant by their absence are Toyota, Mercedes and BMW and most of the exotic cars, with the exception of Lotus.”

More News and Commentary from SUSTG

US missiles killed 18 in Pakistan today in the 110th such attack this year in the country – twice last year’s total, the AP reports.

Eight Americans were killed in Egypt on Sunday morning in a bus crash that also left 21 injured, the New York Times reports.

Security in Afghanistan is worsening, according to internal United Nations maps, the Wall Street Journal reports. The maps show a “marked deterioration” despite President Obama’s “optimistic assessments of military progress since the surge of additional American forces began a year ago.”

Resentment is building in Iran over the recent hike in fuel prices, Thomas Erdbrink and Kay Armin Serjoie (Washington Post) report. “Nearly a week after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched a plan to overhaul a long-standing system of state subsidies, Iranians are reeling from drastic government-ordered price increases for staples such as fuel and bread amid signs of growing frustration and anger.”

The Obama administration “acknowledged Sunday that it has no new timetable for closure of the prison camps at Guantánamo, while reiterating a White House talking point that the controversial detention center is an al Qaeda ‘recruiting tool,’” Carol Rosenberg (McClatchy) reports.

Ali Gharib (Lobelog) argues for a fuel-swap deal with Iran in the Turkey talks this month.

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